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If someone presented you with a financial opportunity, would you be ready to take action? Would you know what actions were needed? Would you even know where to start? Does it fit your needs and your plan?

What accountability, what plan, what systems do you have in your life to make sure you get the wealth, the income streams, the investments you say you want? Successful entrepreneurs, corporate CEO’s, professional athletes have COACHES who train them, provide insight on an effective game plan, and hold them accountable to what they say they want.

Why would I consider wealth coaching?
Highly successful people have coaches. Professional athletes have coaches to share there knowledge and keep the athlete’s eye on the ball. Public speakers hire speech coaches, guitar players take lessons, golfers hire swing coaches. These coaches accelerate their learning and process of becoming proficient and successful at that skill set. Do you think having a wealth coach would accelerate your investing and wealth plan?

What does wealth coaching look like?
Our program consists of phone sessions with a coach for 12 weeks(six months), connecting every other week. Your first session is 1-hour to allow you and your coach to define and refine what you want and then what you must do to get it.

What do you cover in coaching?
In those sessions, you and your coach will have a laser beam conversation tailored to your specific wealth plan and what you must get done to move forward. While there are general fundamentals of wealth building, each individual or couple has a unique set of circumstances to work within. Our coaching is about YOUR plan, not our CURRICULUM.

Who are your coaches?
Our coaches are investors and entrepreneurs who have personal experience in creating their plan and investing to create their own wealth. Our coaches are selected based on their results and their heart and ability to guide others. Coaching is not their primary source of income. Coaching is a revenue stream in their wealth plan that allows them to contribute to a better, more educated community.

Learn how-to move you up the ladder on your wealth building journey:

Get Organized for Wealth, understand Business foundations, sales & marketing, joint ventures, team building, masterminding, financing, contracts, negotiations, and working with OPM and OPC the list goes on....

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to
put your plan in ACTION!!!

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