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National Wealth Network (NWN) is a real estate investment club that provides educational resources and real estate investment opportunities to investors across the United States. The club chapters provide a meeting place for new and experienced investors to network and exchange ideas. Members of the club get the opportunity to learn about wealth creation strategies from experts who have already invested successfully.

NWN's founding chapter has enriched the real estate investment community by providing educational speakers and real estate investment seminars, workshops, and wealth building conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. NWN will continue to build on this momentum by featuring prominent local and national real estate experts at its events across the country. NWN currently has two Northern Californian chapters in San Ramon and Fremont. Please check our website for new chapters, dates, times, and meeting locations. NWN has focused its website with content developed for the need of real estate investors who demand information on both education as well as investment opportunities.

George Antone is Managing Partner and co-founder of National Wealth Network LLC and Managing Partner for Wealth Classes, Inc.

George is a veteran real estate investor experienced in both residential & commercial real estate. He invests in properties nationwide, his primary investments being apartment buildings and other low to middle income residential properties.

After graduating from University of California in Davis with a degree in Computer Science, George spent many years working in the computer software industry, developing award-winning products for companies such as Microsoft Corp and Intuit Corp. George has been involved with several startups such as Total Entertainment Network (that was acquired by Electronic Arts), UpShot Corp that was acquired by Siebel, Virage Corp that went public and was eventually acquired by IBM, among others.

George’s passion is in educating others how to build wealth through basic to advanced "Wealth Classes" in the San Francisco Bay Area. He provides financial literacy to both adults and children. In addition to being a full time real estate investor, George is also a public speaker, where he trains other real estate investors how to get started and how to succeed. George remains a mentor to a number of real estate investors in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Shahid Habib is Managing Partner
and co-founder of National Wealth Network LLC and Managing Partner for Wealth Classes, Inc.

Shahid is a full time real estate investor. His interest in forming a real estate investment club was sparked after he became Robert Allen’s protégé.

Shahid has set up and managed investment clubs in the San Francisco Bay area and has been successfully running seminars on real estate education and investment with expert instructors and speakers from across the world. He enjoys bringing real estate education, providing networking opportunities and information on real estate investment opportunities to new and experienced real estate investors.

After graduating from Karachi University with a Masters Degree in International Relations, Shahid spent many years working in the corporate world with fortune 500 companies that included IBM, American Express, Air France, and Lintas Lever’s International Advertising Company.

National Wealth Network

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Meetings are held at:
  • Radisson Dublin at 6680 Regional Street, Dublin.
  • Fremont Marriott at 46100 Landing Parkway.Fremont.

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